30 Lamb Recipes You’ve Never Tried Before, but Will Really Love

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Lamb isn’t something that you may always put on your grocery list. In fact, if you talked to your friends and family, you might find that many of them have never even tried lamb, which is why you’ve got to try some or all of these delicious lamb recipes.

Lamb is pretty versatile and can be served with a variety of ingredients in a variety of ways, so it makes complete sense to give it a try. It is a meat that can be prepared in many different ways and is healthy, tender and incredibly palatable.

These lamb recipes are easy and tasty, making them the ideal choices for getting started. Bon appetit!

1. Grilled Lamb Kebabs

Grilling lamb is easy to do and the herbs that crust these Lamb Kebabs make them super delicious. Serve these with rice for a complete meal.

2. Port Wine Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

Despite their gourmet look and taste, these Braised Lamb Shanks are actually pretty easy to make and taste wonderful with mashed potatoes.

3. Marinated Greek Lamb with Lemon Roast Potatoes

This is one of my favorite lamb recipes! The meat takes really well to the marinade and the addition of the lemon potatoes turn this Marinated Lamb into one of the best meals you’ll ever have.

4. Garlic and Herb Crusted Lamb Chops

Next time you see lamb chops on sale at the supermarket, stock up because these garlic and herb crusted ones are going to be your family’s new favorite.

5. Greek Gyros

Greek Gyros are one of the best recipes for trying lamb. This version is fast and easy and tastes better than anything you would get in a restaurant.

6. Moroccan Lamb Stew

If you’re looking for comfort food, this is one of the lamb recipes you’ll find yourself turning to time and time again. This Lamb Stew has just a bit of heat and loads of flavor, perfect for a cool fall night.

7. Lamb, Mushroom and Spinach Korma

This delightful Lamb Korma proves that you don’t have to go to a restaurant to get a great meal. The creamy sauce is wonderful and the spinach rounds it out in a healthy way.

8. Lamb Ragu

This Lamb Ragu recipe is really easy, but has a gourmet presentation that makes it a great choice for a dinner party or weekend meal.

9. Rustic Lamb Pie

If you love shepherd’s pie, you are going to adore this Lamb Pie, with its crispy potato topping and luscious meaty flavor inside. Yum!

10. Lamb and Rosemary Koftas

This is quickly going to become one of your favorite lamb recipes! Lamb and Rosemary were just made to go together and this meal proves it.

11. Lebanese Lamb Flatbread

The delicious dough that forms the base for this Lamb Flatbread is light and fluffy, making it the perfect backdrop for the lamb and herbs on top.

12. Greek Macaroni Pie

Lamb is traditionally served with potatoes, but this Greek Macaroni Pie proves that it tastes just as wonderful served with pasta.

13. Mexican Lamb Wraps with Guacamole

These Mexican inspired wraps are one of the easiest lamb recipes you’ll ever make. They’re so delicious too!

14. Lamb Meatballs in Spicy Curry

When you learn to make a curry like these Lamb Meatballs, you’ll never be tempted to go for takeout again.

15. Lebanese Lamb Rice

This light and flavorful Lebanese Lamb Rice makes a tasty summertime dinner, but also works well as leftovers the next day.

16. Middle Easter Shredded Lamb with Chickpea Rice

You don’t see lamb recipes where the meat is shredded very often so this version served with Chickpea Rice is something you’ll definitely want to try.

17. Sticky Spicy Lamb Ribs

You’ve had pork ribs and you’ve had beef ribs, but have you ever had Lamb Ribs? If not, you are really missing out on something pretty great.

18. Jerusalem Lamb Shawarma

This Lamb Shawarma is a traditional dish in some parts of the world and one taste will show you why so many people love it. Serve this dish with rice and pita bread.

19. Tzatziki Lamb Burgers

These Lamb Burgers are a surprising alternative to traditional beef burgers and the sauce on top really makes them stand out.

20. Persian Spiced Lamb Shanks

You aren’t going to believe how much flavor is in these Persian Lamb Shanks. Serve them with mashed potatoes for a meal everyone will want more of.

21. Lamb Lasagna with Parmesan Polenta

This Lamb Lasagna has all the best flavors – tomato sauce and Parmesan included. They pair deliciously with the mild taste of the polenta.

22. Grilled Leg of Lamb with Mint Pesto

This is one of the classic lamb recipes because Leg of Lamb goes so well with mint. Some veggies on the side and dinner is ready.

23. Smoked Rack of Lamb

Traditionally roasted, this Smoked Rack of Lamb is a nice alternative to a classic dish. This is sure to be one of your favorite lamb recipes!

24. Simmered Lentils with Lamb

This Lamb and Lentils dish makes great use of spices and tastes delicious on its own or poured over pasta or mashed potatoes.

25. Lamb Tagine

The dates and apricots in this Lamb Tagine dish bring out the meaty flavor of the lamb without taking over and the honey adds just the right touch of sweetness. Yum!

26. Lamb Osso Bucco

Osso Bucco has never tasted as good as it does in this riff on the old classic. Here’s something you can’t serve without a big bowl of mashed potatoes alongside.

27. Lamb and Feta Meatball Flatbreads

These Lamb and Feta Flatbreads are a delicious option for lunch, but they also work for dinner. The leftovers are fabulous the next day!

28. Irish Lamb Stew

Here’s one of those traditional lamb recipes you’ve got to serve your family at least once. They’ll be asking for this Irish Lamb Stew all the time.

29. Lamb Saagwala

There are a lot of herbs and spices in this Lamb Saagwala, but they blend together in the most delicious way.

30. Malaysian Pepper Lamb Stir Fry

This Lamb Stir Fry is unexpected, but everyone around the table is going to love it. Serve it with rice for a complete meal.

Your tummy should be grumbling after all these deliciousness. Pick your favorite and try it out. Here we have enough lamb meals to keep your taste buds happy for a whole month!

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